ALIM Systems

Helping infrastructure sector programmes to meet and overcome the challenge of embracing digital transformation, and of recognising the value of data, information and knowledge, so that it can be fully exploited to drive collaboration, innovation, productivity and competitiveness.

During the 1970s and 80s we saw the emergence and development of international safety standards; quality assurance followed in the 1990s; and environmental management led the agenda in the 2000s - we are now in the decade when digital transformation will harness information management
ALIM is an innovative, collaborative platform, underpinned by the principles behind the ISO 19650 information management series, its purpose, its integrity and its practical use. The technology captures the true-life story of an asset, infrastructure system, or system of systems and its trigger events, by connecting data, information and knowledge to governance, processes and decision-making during its value creation lifecycle.

Our Story So Far

Across the globe, information technology solutions for Buildings and Civil Engineering Works, including building information management (BIM), are being actively implemented by organisations seeking to improve information management practices. Hitherto, the central focus has been to supplement design and construction processes. However, collectively the architecture, engineering, construction and operation industry has yet to fully exploit BIM’s prime value proposition, namely developing ways to enhance information management practices for the ultimate owner-operator and consumers. Throughout the asset’s lifecycle, many stakeholders (referred to in the ISO standards as actors) will contribute to the creation, operation and maintenance of an asset system. All participating actors have an obligation to understand where the asset sits within its lifecycle, along with the data, decisions, objectives, and performance context that created the need for the asset in the first place.

Fortunately, the emergence of the information management ISO 19650 series (since 2019 - the foundation of the UK BIM Framework) provides a pathway to meeting these commitments.

The introduction of the ISO 19650 is a game changer and provided the impetus for establishing ALIM Systems in 2020.

ALIM solutions facilitate the organisation and management of data, information and knowledge, providing accessibility to the responsible actors and generating the insights needed to support transparent decision-making and coordinate better interventions; helping to maximise the public value created by new infrastructure projects and increase the return on investment for the communities they serve.


We think, hope, believe... that we can help organisations to comply with ISO 19650.