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We have garnered significant knowledge and experience working on asset-intensive infrastructure projects where maximum uptime, reliability of complex, costly operating systems and the highest levels of employee and customer safety are critical to ensuring performance and profitability. In this environment, it is vital for owner-operators to have access to quality and usable information to optimise efficiencies and mitigate risks, throughout the asset lifecycle.



Analyse and

Infrastructure Assets

Information is the virtual asset that people need - to understand, analyse and action - to improve the operational asset.

We are passionate about developing solutions to support compliance with the requirements of the ISO 19650 series, helping our clients to realise the highest returns on their investment:

  • Organisations who understand the value of information management and exploit it, will benefit most;
  • Collaboration and transparency evolve customer’s trust, leading to new opportunities.
  • Digital integration throughout the supply chain: accurate, repeatable information improves efficiency, decreases risk and enhances performance;
  • Social and economic benefits: database enabled CDE platforms support remote working, efficient use of often scarce, expensive subject matter experts (SMEs) and reduces the need for cross border travel;
  • Entry to market: ISO 19650 is progressively being adopted around the world and forming part of the contract requirements, for new build or upgraded infrastructure system projects.

Our services and technology solutions in supporting our clients, are anchored in four principal attributes:

Our People


Our leadership team has been actively involved in engineering activities and developing software solutions for infrastructure system projects and businesses for over twenty years.

Peter Foxley - ALIM Consultancy and Advisory Services

Since starting with British Rail in 1980, Peter has garnered experience and knowledge covering the planning, concept development, design, implementation, operations and maintenance of railway infrastructure projects. Over the last 20 years, Peter co-founded and led a number of rail engineering and consultancy companies in the UK, Australia and Southeast Asia.

Andy Kennedy – ALIM Technology Solutions

Andy has developed railway project cost control and management software systems since 1992, receiving the Bombardier Exceptional Achievement Award for systems development in 2002. During this period, Andy has also overseen the evolution and management of the assurance systems for rail engineering and consultancy companies in the UK, Australia and Southeast Asia.

Our approach

From the outset, our goal is to align the responsibilities and accountabilities of those who design, construct and commission the asset system with those overseeing its operation and maintenance. It is a collaborative, transparent and structured process, to establish a verified baseline of testable or measurable information requirements, that will help ensure the expected asset lifecycle performance outcomes.

This essential activity is underpinned by an engineering framework, adopting the prescribed regulations and industry best practices, to drive standardisation and the principles, methods and requirements of:

  • ISO 55000: Asset Management series;
  • ISO 21500: Guidance on Project Management;
  • ISO 15288: Systems & Software Engineering.

These three standards are key tenets of the ISO 19650 series.

Our ways of working

Our practitioners use a standardised systems-engineering approach throughout the asset lifecycle planning, development, design, build, operations and maintenance phases:

  • defining the common principles for safety, technical and interoperability compliant with prescribed the standards and regulations (the rules), mandated as part of the employer’s information requirements;
  • retaining and allowing the diffusion of relevant engineering information and expert knowledge needed across all disciplines;
  • supporting substantiated decision-making at important trigger points.

Harnessing integrated ways of working, determined by the rules, enabled by CDE technology, allows actors to:

  • capture and verify the Asset Information Requirements and Project Information Requirements;
  • collect and align all information against the Organisational Information Requirements
  • provide connectivity to shared information and data
  • track the Employer’s Information Requirements, at the pre-nominated review and endorsement stage-gates
  • make evidence-based and risk-based decisions
  • ensure governance, change-control, risk management, and compliance

Our Technology

We develop ALIM solutions to facilitate the organisation, digitization and management of an asset system’s engineering and operational characteristics, that can be shared with all participating actors.

Our technology platform manages four key digital threads, that emerge during the system concepts phase and continue throughout the CAPEX and OPEX phases (design, build, commissioning, planned maintenance, failures, modifications, enhancements, upgrades etc):

  • Engineering - the core thread;
  • Safety and Interoperability Assurance, evolving along with the Engineering core;
  • Asset Integrity Assurance, binding the other core threads together.
  • Contract Management, wrapping the core to assure requirements compliance and change-control.

The features of our CDE are simple; trusted content, connectivity and context management to navigate the shared data, find the right information when needed, for review and analysis, to support substantiated decision-making at trigger-related events.

AD System Asia is our technology digital engineering partner. ALIM Systems, Fenix South East Asia and AD System Asia have a long standing collaboration delivering cutting edge software solutions and technology products.